What is Avoda Health?

Avoda Health is a Direct Primary Care medical practice.  Direct Primary Care is a straightforward way to do medicine where the patient directly pays the physician for their care.  The clinic is owned by Amanda L. Brown, MD , PC.

Why is the clinic closing?  Is the direct primary care model not working?

Dr.  Brown is originally from Oklahoma and moved here nearly 6 years ago.  During this time, she has grown to love Oregon, the community of Albany and her patients.  However, during this time Dr. Brown and her family have also missed being around both of their families in Oklahoma.  As their network of cousins and family has grown, they have felt drawn to return to the Midwest.  Dr. Brown has loved her time here and this clinic.  She worked hard for 2 years to bring the direct primary care option to Oregon for those who needed a lower cost option combined with an improved clinical experience.  Through these efforts, the clinic now has nearly 400 members and has proven that direct primary care is a viable option for patients and physicians.  We had hoped to hand the clinic intact to another provider but that opportunity is not available at this time.  We are still willing to work with a physician who desires to break in to the realm of direct primary care but the time line requires us to move forward with allowing patients to make the transition to other providers.

Is there another option for direct primary care in the community?

Yes!  Mid-Valley Direct Primary Care opened in 2015 around the same time as our clinic.  In fact, many of you may be familiar with the provider, Dr. Matthew Bain.  When Dr. Brown moved to Oregon, she joined Dr. Bain, Dr. Irvine and Dr. Ohling at the clinic on Willetta street.  While Dr. Bain's office operates in the same non-insurance way, his membership options, pricing, and services included do vary from what has been provided by our clinic.

Please click on Mid-Valley Direct Primary Care here to learn more about this clinic.    Review the information carefully and please call their clinic directly if you have questions regarding their membership benefits and fees.

What if I prefer not to rejoin a direct primary care clinic or to use my insurance instead?  Are there providers that are accepting new patients?

Yes.  Please review the options provided here.  There are other clinics and providers in the area whose information are not provided here due to space limitation and the desire to provide clinics that are most likely to meet the needs of our patient population.  Each clinic has a right to

Agape Internal Medicine and Pediatrics, P.C.     http://www.agapemedped.com/  541-918-2466
                  Provider(s): Michael G. Sherman, MD, PhD 

                                  Dr. Sherman and his staff provide comprehensive internal medicine and pediatric care.

                                   They accept most major insurances and offer discounts to patients   

Valley Clinics Internal Medicine    http://www.valleyclinics.com/home.html   541-758-0766

                   Provider(s):  Tien Le, DO     Sean Greene, PA-C     Eric Stroud, PA- C     Brittney Sokol, PA-C

                                    This provider-owned clinic offers a break from the norm offering longer time with the provider,

                                    same-day appointments, and a relaxed atmosphere.  Cash pay/ self pay options also available.

Other providers include:

                      Dirk A. Ohling:  541-924-2873

                      David J. Irvine: 541-928-3238

When do membership contracts end?

Monthly members:

All members who currently pay monthly will have their last monthly fee charged in April on their usual date.   Patients who have a need to be seen in May, will be given 2 options:  1) continuing their membership one additional month and enjoying their member benefits through May 31, 2018 plus their $20/visit fee or 2) paying the Ready Care ($65 + possible fees).

Annual members:

All members who have paid annually to receive a discount should refer to the terms of the contract which are posted here below:

Term. This Agreement will commence upon Patient's signing the same and will extend for a period of one year, beginning on the 1st of the month following Patient's signing.  Notwithstanding the above, both Patient and Avoda Health shall have the absolute and unconditional right to terminate the Agreement, with or without cause, upon giving 30 days prior written notice to the other party.  If patient requests termination without cause, Avoda Health may, but shall not be required to refund a prorata share of the fees paid by Patient.  If Avoda Health is unable to provide services according to the terms of this agreement, the Patient shall be released from any contractual obligation.  In such circumstance, Patient shall be refunded the prorated share of the monthly fee.  Fees paid annually shall be refunded minus the itemized cost of any services rendered to date.  If Patient has had their annual preventative exam, patient is not entitled to a refund of their annual fee as the cost of this preventative visit is $499.

Annual members will be seen for preventative and routine care through the end of April.  Urgent visits, follow-up appointments, physicals, etc will be made on a limited basis through the month of May,  All refunds will be calculated based on the above.  Refund checks will be issued in June/July to allow time to close out accounts.   If you would like more information, please e-mail or call the clinic. 

When is the clinic closing?  When is the last tie I can be seen?

The clinic will maintain routine hours and appointments through April 30, 2018.  We encourage you to make all physical and well-child appointments prior to this time.   In the month of May, hours will be reduced and priority will be given to members over Ready Care appointments and to urgent needs over routine.  Will will attempt to post standard hours for this time.

When can I start the process of transferring to another provider?

You may begin making arrangements to become a new patient with another provider at any time.  We strongly encourage that you begin the process sooner than later.  We will not be able to see patients in office after May 31st, 2018.

What will Dr. Brown be doing next?

Dr. Brown is setting out on another adventure in medicine.  After being in a private practice setting since moving to Oregon, Dr. Brown is moving to a university setting where she will be sharing her knowledge with family medicine residents and medical students.  She has accepted a faculty teaching position and will be supervising training physicians in a family medicine clinic.  Through this transition, Dr. Brown hopes to be able to instill in future physicians a passion for family medicine, a desire to serve others,  a knowledge of clinical medicine, and a hope that the future of family medicine will be in great hands!