Membership CHOICES

Option #1

Option #2

Monthly Membership

  • With this option, adults (19+) pay $49 a month and then just $20 a visit.
    • Most common labs* included at visit for no additional charge.
    • Most procedures* included with membership
    • Sick today?  Call before noon and same day appointment is available.  Call after noon and next day appointment available, although same day may still be possible
    • After hours?  Speak with your physician for urgent needs
  • Children (0-18), with a paying adult, are just $20 a month and then $20 a visit.
    • Lots of kids in the family?  No problem.  We only charge monthly for the first 3 kids in a family.  The 4th child and beyond just pays $20 a visit.
    • Over 18 but still a full-time student living at home?  Great!  Students age 19-26 are charged at the child rate with proof of full time enrollment and a parent with an active membership.


Annual Physical / Well- Child Exam

  • With this option, adults pay $499 a year -- a 15% savings over monthly!
    •  Price covers their physical with basic labs as needed: complete blood count, thyroid screening test, metabolic profile, diabetes and cholesterol screening, Pap and prostate testing as appropriate
      • Patients with insurance or health share (non-Medicare) will be provided a receipt for their physical with proper billing codes, upon patient's request.   Patients have the option of submitting to their insurance company to see if they can be reimbursed for any portion of their annual physical. 
      • Avoda Health does not guarantee reimbursement and recommends checking with your insurer before choosing this option to see if an out-of-network physical is covered.  Patient is responsible for any and all interaction with their insurer.  Avoda Health will not submit anything directly to a patient's insurance.  Patient is responsible for payment of fees to Avoda Health whether insurance reimburses or not.
      • Health savings account may be used for payment
    • Patients then pay $20 a visit for covered visits for the rest of the year.
  • Children (as explained above) pay just $200 annually and then $20 a visit
    • Child's visit can be documented as a well child exam and likewise parent or responsible party can be provided with a receipt with billing codes that may allow insurance to reimburse the patient directly.  Please see above.
      • Health savings accounts may  be used for payment
    • Children then pay just $20 a visit for covered visits for the rest of the year.

      *See Patient Agreement under Forms for covered visits, procedures, and labs.  While most services
      are covered, ALL services are NOT covered by the monthly membership or annual physical/well child exam.  Patient is responsible for payment for services that are not covered and payment is due on day services are provided.